Private Owners

A large percentage of the practice is the work done by the team of vets on visits to your yard or stables. The practice covers a wide geographical location from Doncaster in the south to Thirsk in the North and across to the whole East Yorkshire coast. Many of our regular clients in the Hull and Beverley area will be used to us visiting their premises on a Monday and Thursday.

As of the beginning of February 2011 we are pleased to offer routine visits on a Monday Wednesday and Friday, this will hopefully allow greater flexibility when booking appointments.

We also have a new branch practice in Thirsk which has facilities for lameness investigations, x-rays and ultrasound scans.

The Rainbow Equine Hospital prides itself on providing a rapid and professional service to all our clients. We like to take the time to discuss your horse and how it is even if we are only booked in to carry out a routine vaccination. We see it as a chance for you to ask for advice on any aspect of your horse’s health and welfare.

Many of the health problems we encounter in our horses can be sorted out at the stable, whether that involves a thorough examination of the foot in a lame horse or a full history and listening to the lungs in a coughing horse.

We now have a full range of portable equipment that allows us to perform a range of diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound examinations and digital radiographs on your yard. This means we can investigate a range of conditions without having to transport your horse to the hospital. Sometimes the problem can be more complex in which case we can arrange to see your horse at the hospital at a later date.

Our team of veterinary surgeons is on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you have a emergency please contact us on the main hospital number and you will receive advice immediately from one of the veterinary surgeons. If your horse needs further investigation or treatment then you can rest assured that we have the back up of a fully equipped and staffed hospital facility.